Real Wishes Foundation

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Wishes Granted for 2016

Wishes Granted for 2017

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Real Wishes Foundation

Wishes Granted for 2015

  • Fixed a water leak

  • Provided household items and furniture to several families
  • Assisted financially to help families move into home
  • Roof Repairs
  • Car Repairs
  • Paid for Roof Repair for elderly woman

  • Paid for roof repair for elderly couple
  • Paid for 8 beds, sheets, and clothing for a large family in need
  • Paid for a washer and dryer for a needy family
  • Assisted in paying half of bed bug removal for elderly man
  • Paid for a new bed due to bed bugs for an elderly couple
  • Skirting for 2 mobile homes

  • Washer and dryer
  • Roof repairs on 3 homes
  • Home repairs for several families
  • Financial assistance for medical reasons
  • Auto repairs to a few people
  • Assistance with cataract surgery cost
  • Fixed water leak in homes
  • Provided household items to several households